ProductsManufacturing of slide gate refractories


For over 40 years, we have been manufacturing top and slide gate plates for all linear and rotary slide gate systems available on international markets. To make sure the plates precisely match our customers’ requirements, we keep close contact to both our customers and suppliers during order fulfillment.

Our product range includes bandaged plates as well as plates in cassettes, optionally with or without nozzle. We are able to manufacture the full range of nozzle materials for any given system.
Since we are closely collaborating with our suppliers, we are able to supply a broad variety of materials to accommodate your needs. We have extensive know-how on working with high alumina, magnesia and zirconium.
We take any effort to ensure short term availability, high quality and precise processing of our products.

Our delivery program accommodates the following systems: Flocon, Interstop, Sidermin, NKK, Vesuvius, Metacon, Krosaki, Knoellinger, Ilva, Technometal.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information; we have many more to offer, such as new plates for patented systems.

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